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How to Keep Pets Warm in the Winter

January 07, 2019

We all love the holidays, but with the winter season comes a major drop in temperature.

Despite a pet's fur coat, cold temperatures can bring discomfort and danger.

Never leave pets outside for too long in the cold. Make sure they spend most of their day in covered, heated areas, with short periods of time outside for walks and play. Don't allow them to stay in the car without the heat on for any extended period of time, as temperatures can drop quickly. Make sure pets have plenty of water available, as they use a lot of energy to stay warm.

Set up a cozy area with bedding and blankets inside, making sure pets and their bedding stay a safe distance from fireplaces and space heaters. If you have a pet who gets extra chilly, buy a coat or sweater that fits properly. It should allow free movement but shouldn't be so loose that it creates an entanglement hazard. If your pet is prone to chewing or ingesting foreign objects, never leave its clothing on while unattended.

Putting these ideas into practice, the whole family can enjoy a warm and cozy winter.