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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

October 30, 2019

Halloween is here again!

This delightfully spooky holiday means tricks and treats for the entire family, including our pets. Know the important precautions you can take to keep your furry goblins safe and happy this Halloween.

Candy is delicious, but it is strictly for humans. No candy is ok to give to pets-ever. With all the fun and excitement, be sure you're not leaving candy where your pet could get it. Candy can cause GI upset. Even worse, it can be toxic and potentially lethal. Make sure you are doing your part to keep candy out of your pet's reach.

Be cautious with Halloween decorations, which can seem like treats and toys to a pet. Keep decorations away from your playful companions and be aware that lit candles can pose a danger to paws and tails. Toss pumpkins and gourds before they start rotting to ensure that your pet doesn't ingest mold.

Trick or Treaters can be a sensory overload for our pets. The doorbell rings constantly, with strangers at the door dressed in wild outfits yelling, "Trick or Treat!" If your pet seems at all uncomfortable, put them in a quiet area away from the excitement. This will minimize the chance of your pet reacting by growling or snapping or even running away. Keep pets indoors; this means wandering kitties, as well. Not only can the theatrics cause undue stress, but pranksters are on the loose. Keep your pets safely indoors to avoid being caught in the middle of misguided high jinks.

Be kind when putting your pets in costumes. Some pets LOVE to dress up, but others just don't. If your pet seems stressed or uncomfortable, don't force it. Keep your pet comfortable and at ease. If your pet has trouble moving or breathing in its costume, take it off. Only allow your pet to wear a costume when monitored. Leaving your pet alone in a costume could result in the outfit getting caught on something or your pet trying to eat it. Stay away from using hair dyes, as this can be harmful and potentially toxic. For pets that don't enjoy costumes, try a fun bandana instead!

With these tips in mind, Halloween can be a fun and stress-free holiday for the whole family.